LearnAssembly partners with corporations to develop engaging and agile learning solutions

to create ready-to-use learning experiences to grow your teams employability, from Workforce planning through the solution set up.

Strategic analysis of learning environments and recommandations on their evolution


Inspired by user-centric methodologies, we go on the field and talk with executive committees, managers and teams. This approach helps us understand the learning culture.


Once we put ourselves in your employee’s shoes, we provide gap analysis, benchmarks to transform the way learning in operated.


LearnAssembly provides an end-to-end solution : skillgap analysis, learning experience design, sourcing of providers, instruction design and content production, platform management, marketing, learning community management and upskilling of L&D teams.

Project Team

Solution design team

Our learning experience designers have a comprehensive learning design expertise. They work with you to anlyze your learning culture, discuss with learners and make sure state-for-the art best practices are used. The team provides sources of inspiration and learning recommandations.

Mission lead

Our mission lead are pilots ensuring that your teams and LearnAssembly work hand in hand and stay aligned with the mission’s purpise. The Mission Lead also ensures your expectations are met  in terms of delivery quality and deadlines. He is your dedicated counterpart.

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