How to use corporate MOOCs for intergenerational knowledge transfer? –

The Solvay example

As baby boomers start retiring from work, the issue of passing along skills must be addressed.


Is it possible to capitalize on the knowledge of experts in the field ? How do we ensure the proper transmission of knowledge from the baby boomer generation to the future workforce? This is precisely the issue that the Solvay group was facing : with the retirement of the Group Management Control Director pending, the need to pass on both his formal and informal knowledge to future generations became apparent. With a background that includes in-person training, the business expert was invited to participate in the production of the Solvay group’s first MOOC, a program with a focus on financial management. This business MOOC made it possible to retain more knowledge and to facilitate access to training throughout the world.

Learning Solution

Solvay worked alongside LearnAssembly to produce this worldwide corporate MOOC. The design process consisted of carrying out a transfer of  knowledge so that the LearnAssembly learning design team could secure content for the training, and then work to identify elements such as proper formats and pedagogical methods to design the course in English. Experts were involved during the project, from the writing phase to production, in order to give a human face to the training and to highlight their expertise—elements which run contrary to the traditional e-learning format. Since many employees already knew the expert, word-of-mouth was overwhelmingly positive.


The first session of the business MOOC was attended by nearly 1,000 learners, at a duration of 80 minutes. Solvay team members embraced the wide diversity of formats with a hand-crafted nature, and the way the system moved beyond traditional and often predictable voiceover-style e-learning. A second MOOC was produced on other topics related to the field, in partnership with LearnAssembly.

A very well done training. To me one of the best e-learnings so far. Clear and with videos explaining well the rationales.”
The information was well presented and on point. The level of detail was perfect with getting the point across. I will definitely put this on the learning plans for my employees.”

About LearnAssembly

Created in end 2013, LearnAssembly is an actor for employability preservation at the time of digital. Through our solutions which melt a wide range of pedagogical modalities, we conceive learning strategies and experiences which transform the uses and minds. We believe that training has become a societal responsibility challenge and that the companies which will maintain their performances will be the ones which will know how to learn in continuously.

At LearnAssembly, we are persuaded that the learning team must be internally upgraded inside the added value chain in order to develop a permanent learning culture. This learning agility override the capacity of corporate universities and trainings in anticipating the transformations, in proposing innovative pedagogical modalities and in astonishing the collaborators. Discover our programs that will make of your training teams the indispensable actors of change.

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