Learn Assembly: digital employability

“Working mainly with large corporate groups like banks and insurance companies, with the likes of BNP Paribas and AXA featuring among their clients, Learn Assembly offer online training courses to help companies lead their digital transformation and develop their digital culture.”

Frugal Learning: the movement towards lateral, experience-orented, and holistic methods

Frugal learning… sorry, come againIs this no more than the latest invention after “snack learning” and “nugget learning”? Not exactly… it’s more about exploring what learning systemscould look like when certain principles of frugal innovation for businesses are applied!

Learning Agility: fact and fiction

LearnAssembly held a breakfast event focusing on the theme of learning agility on Tuesday, December 11. About thirty participants took part in these discussions of trendy, up-to-the-minute themes: learning to learn and today’s learning companies. 

Learning to learn: with extra sauce, frozen, or homemade?

For the past few months, the term “learning to learn” has certainly been on everyone’s mind. Students of all ages, startups and companies have showinterest in the subject, and all for different reasons. However, the meanings of the term “learning to learn” varies greatly depending on context. Learning to learn… or learning to memorize? 

How to use corporate MOOCs for intergenerational knowledge transfer? – the Solvay example

Is it possible to capitalize on the knowledge of experts in the field ? How do we ensure the proper transmission of knowledge from the baby boomer generation to the future workforce? This is precisely the issue that the Solvay group was facing!

Digital Learning: is it time to stop caring so much about completion rates ?

“Digital learning does not work; the completion rate is dismally low.” “Everyone knows that the completion rate of MOOCs is between 5% and 10%.”

We’ve all heard statements like this before. Yet, the subject of retention and completion is more complex than it appears at a glance.