SPOC Data Protection/GDPR : what will change for your business

What you will learn

> Discover the business challenges of the GDPR
> Understand the position and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
> Adapt to company compliance
> Prepare future cultural and organizational transformations
> Develop the culture of data and data protection in organizations

SPOC program

MODULE 1Big data, personal data and the GDPR

> Big Data in organizations
> What is personal data?
> Why is GDPR necessary?
> The GDPR in 2 minutes

MODULE 2The key points of the GDPR

> Who is the DPO?
> The principle of accountability
> Transparency
> Cybersecurity
> Privacy by design
> The right to be forgotten
> Privacy by design and privacy by default
> The 6 steps of the CNIL necessary for compliance
> Data transfers

MODULE 3: GDPR compliance: who’s doing what?

> DPO positioning

> How do the data manager and subcontractors work together?

> CNIL: a changing role

MODULE 4: What are the long terme challenges ?

> Current situation in french companies

> Ensuring the compliance for a global group

> How it will transform the customer relationship

> From ensuring the compliance to creating a long term strategy

MODULE 5: Webinars

> Feedback from a marketing expert

> Feedback from a law expert

> Feedback from an HR expert

> Feedback from a IT expert 


Gilles Babinet

Gilles Babinet

Digital Champion for France at the European Commission
Laureline Frossard

Laureline Frossard

Legal Officer - Union des Annonceurs
Timothée Rebours.png

Timothée Rebours

CEO - Seald - Cybersecurity Expert
Raphael Brun.jpg

Raphael Brun

Manager - Wavestone - Expert in compliance management

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Member of the Institut Universitaire of France
Nathalie Chiche

Nathalie Chiche

President Data Expert / external DPO
Annaick Penven

Annaïck Penven

Former General Counsel at RICARD and PERNOD
Thomas St Aubin.jpg

Thomas Saint-Aubin

Associate Director - Seraphin.legal

Participant profile


> Legal department
> IT department
> Innovation department
> Human Resources department
> Financial department
> Chief Data Officers
> Chief Digital Officers
> Professionals in banking, insurance, energy or transportation
> Technophiles wishing to discover and understand the subject

No technical prerequisites, 1 to 1.5 hours of weekly work



> A learning path to be brought up to date on the new regulation
> Short videos to understand the concepts
> Activities to put into action
> Mini-challenges, quizzes and further reading to delve deeper
> Access to a community of learners for interaction and to stay motivated through the end
> Regular webinars with experts to ask all your questions


> Gain insight into the challenges of the new European regulation on personal data
> Assess the impact of the new regulation on your compliance standards
> Take your first piloting actions for your internal transformation
Option: Possibility of putting  participants in contact with subject experts

Educational characteristics


According to your needs


On quotation


1 hour of weekly work