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Create Skills Barometers

With Learning Boost, you can easily create skills barometers and self-assessment that you can send to all of your colleagues. Skill referentials won't be a source of headaches anymore.

Make Your Colleagues Actors of their Employability

An individual diagnosis based on the skills of your choice

Give your teammates the ability to take care of their professional growth with a personnalized and confidential skills assessment.

Measure the Gaps

With the collected data, measure the skill gaps and fine-tune your strategic plan. Learning Boost fits in your reskilling and upskilling projects.

Develop Your Teams' Skills

Help your co-workers become actors of their employability in an easy and activable way, with a skill and learning agility development program.

Learning Notebook

Encourage your teams to practice reflexivity with a learning notebook in a digital and print format

This notebook will help your employees think about the different formal and informal learning moments they've had in their daily work life.

Do You Really Need an Artificial Intelligence?

Facilitate peer learning communities

Because learning and change is first and foremost a human process, we encourage peer-to-peer learning and co-development by integrating Learning Boost to your change management projects.

Use Cases

Whatever are your situation and needs, Learning Boost helps you merge the evaluation, mapping and development of your teams' skills. Include your colleagues' learning in their eveyrday life so that they can learn on the job and become lifelong learners.

Transform your managierial culture

Do you want to trigger new behaviors in your leaders and managers? Learning Boost helps you assess your managers on specific behaviors and change on a daily basis.

Reskill your teams impacted by the digital transformation

Digital transformation and data shakes up jobs: assess your teams digital maturity and data acculturation to help your teams make a cultural shift.

Encourage employability for endangered professions

Your acitivity evolves and some jobs are being transformed. Put your teams into action to help them strengthen their employability.

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