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Assess, compare and develop your company's learning culture


Become a Learning Organization


Measure the learning agility of your organization and teams

Send our survey on learning maturity to your co-workers to get an assessment of your organization's learning culture. It covers formal as well as informal learning and analyzes the role of the individual and his/her environment (manager and learning culture) in his/her learning process.

Individual and Personalized Profile

Offer your teammates access to a customizedd and individualized assessment

Your colleagues receive their learning agility profile and a personalized development program, in complete security and confidentiality. These documents show them how they learn and how they could improve their learning process to increase their employability.

Assessment of Your Organization's Learning Culture

Map the obstacles to lifelong learning

We provide you with a complete assessment of your company's learning agility at 3 levels (organization, managers and employees). The results are consolidated and anonymized. This analysis is enriched with areas of improvement to strengthen the learning culture.

A Personalized Development Program

Boost your employees' learning agility on the job

With Learning Boost, your develop the individual and collective learning agility. The platform offers a development program adapted to the needs of each teammate, to concretely implement the newly acquired knowledge in their daily work life and learn with their peers.

Learning Notebook

Encourage your teams to practice reflexivity and take a step back  

Taking a step back from the action is essential to maximize learning and change behaviors. We give to each employee a learning notebook to guide and encourage reflexivity on their daily experiences and challenges. This notebook is available in digital and print formats.


Facilitate a peer learning community

Create interactions between your learners to encourage their learning and improve their experience. A learning community gathering all of your employees will help you strengthen your company's learning culture.

Why developing your teams' learning agility?

Learning Boost helps you merge the evaluation, mapping and development of your teams' skills. Include your colleagues' learning in their everyday life so that they can learn on the job and become lifelong learners.

Boost your teams' employability

Skills are evolving faster and faster. Help your teams learning how to learn.

Increase learning's ROI

Every year, you spend important amounts of money in the learning department. We suggest you use the programs and trainings you build to enable employees to practice on the job. It will help them consolidate their knowledge and develop their skills.

Reduce Costs

Increase the use of your LMS platform and learning contents by developing your teams' desire to learn.

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