Learning Boost Solution

Learning Boost

Step 1:

Measure your learning agility

Measure your employees’ and organization’s learning agility

We prodive every employee with a questionnaire to measure their learning agility. Our questions will explore both on the job and off the job learnings, and analyze the individual’s and his environment’s (manager and company culture) roles in the learning process.


The questionnaire gives us an opportunity to provide a complete analysis of the learning environment on 3 different levels (organization, managers, employees). We only present consolidated and anonymous results. This analysis will also provide tips to grow the learning agility.


Your employees receive their individual and confidential learning agility profile. It offers them an analysis of how they currently learn and how they could do more in the future. Learning Boost does not aim at evaluating employees, which is why the management won’t be able to access individual results.

 Step 2:

Boost the on-the-job learning agility

Growing both individual and collective learning agility

We offer short and strong challenges to do while working every week, in order to help the employees grow their learning agility. Each month, a group webinar allows them to talk about the challenges and share good practices.


Employees will receive a weely micro-learning session related to a work situation to help them through the challenges and develop new learning methods. It can provide tips (attention techniques, curiosity, memorization…) and tools adapted to learning on the job.


Last but not least, we allow the employees to take a step back to anchor what they learnt and transform. We provide each of them with a learning leaflet to help and facilitate this process through daily working situations and the challenges they had to do. (Learning from the job)

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