The Learn Assembly Team

At Learn Assembly, our purpose is to become a true Learning Organization 

Becoming a learning organization is a priority for us. We want to help our team develop their skills and employability.

No standard profiles here: motivation, potential and passion are what matter to us.
As true intrapreneurs, we all contribute to the development of our own positions, and in doing so serve the group as a whole.

We offer transparency, freedom and independence and expect responsibility and commitment in return.

We advocate a healthy relationship at work: quality of work life and finding a balance are important to us.

They talk to you about Learn Assembly and their job… 

Program Manager, Learning Director, CEO… 



Antoine Amiel


Professional self-learner, Antoine first studied literature before attending a business school. Passionate about the digital and education worlds, he founded Learn Assembly to help learning and employability optimists grow. Antoine is also a member of the FFP’s (Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle – Professional Learning Federation) and EdTech France’s boards of directors.

Photo Rodolphe site Learn Assembly

Rodolphe de Torquat

Development Director

Rodolphe has more than 5 years of experience working with several HR departments. He has developed this experience in companies like Coorpacademy and 365Talents. He is convinced that developing skills is key to the competitiveness of companies and the employability of individuals. He joined Learn Assembly to define and implement the business strategy. 

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Emilie Canet

Learning Director

Emilie is Learning Director at Learn Assembly. In charge of R&D and learning quality, she works together with the project management teams to design the best learning experiences possible. Emilie has a PhD in Management Sciences and before joining Learn Assembly, she was the Business Transformation Master’s Program Director at Université Paris-Dauphine.

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Pascaline Barbaud

Communication, Marketing and Content Director

Pascaline is responsible for content, communication and marketing at Learn Assembly. She leads the marketing strategy, is in charge of Learn Assembly’s media, Learn Assembly Papers, and participates in the development of the Learning Boost solution. Pascaline joined the team after 5 years living in Mexico, where she worked in the e-learning and FinTech areas.

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Olivia Lanselle

Learning Architect

After studying political science, Olivia became a transformation and change management consultant for the public sector, including the Ministry of the Interior (Ministère de l’Intérieur) and the Ministry of Defense (Ministère de la Défense). Passionate about learning, she joined the Learn Assembly team to design powerful and creative learning programs.

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Morgane Barbay

Learning Architect

With a Master’s degree in Digital Creation and Learning at University d’Orléans, Morgane is specializing in digital learning design at Learn Assembly.

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Mathilde Nasser

Learning Architect

After studying humanities and then attending a business school, Mathilde worked in the cultural area before entering the strategic consulting world. What’s most important to her is to develop, recognize and transfer knowledge. This is why she completed her studies at Le Bahut (a school specialized in digital learning) before joining Learn Assembly. 

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Stanislas Banaszuk

Learning Architect

Stanislas studied political science and innovation management. He then worked alongside companies to help them implement their management transformation projects. He now works at Learn Assembly to design innovative learning experiences adapted to each learner. 

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Sakina Faouzi

Marketing, Communication and Content Officer

Sakina is studying a Master’s degree in Data Management in Paris School of Business. She joined the Learn Assembly team in the content marketing area. She aims to evolve in a environment like Learn Assembly where skill development is a key factor for professional success and fulfillment.

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Brice Martin

Learning Architect

Brice started his career in international business development before specializing in the learning field. He worked at the lawyers’ school of Paris (EFB) where he was first in charge of international relations and then managed the learning teams. Passionate about MOOCs and the design of learning experiences, he studied digital learning at Le Bahut before joining Learn Assembly.

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Séverine Le Jeune

Learning consultant

After studying communication, Séverine worked in this area for several years and then started managing services or associations. Her experience led her to take different roles within training organizations: support function in communication & marketing, trainer for initial and continuing learning programs, and manager of a center. Today, as a learning consultant at Learn Assembly, she helps training organizations transform.

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Maïlys Bezzioune

Junior learning architect

At the heart of her multidisciplinary career, between language, science and education studies, Maïlys joined our team as a Junior Learning Architect. Willing to become a change maker, she is interested in the sustainable growth and development of one’s skills.

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Isabelle Bouvier

Junior learning architect

Master student in Organizational Psychology, Isabelle is interested in the potential of each individual. She focuses on consulting and training in order to equip employees and managers with skills that are useful for their collective and personal success.

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Raphaëlle Kharoubi

Learning Builder

Raphaëlle is a forever learner. She enjoys learning et sharing what she has the opportunity to discover. After a first career in digital marketing, she decided to shift towards the education field and after that, to vocational training.  Passionate about theater and theatrical improvisation, she continually tries to include this art into her professional practice. She joined Learn Assembly to conceive and animate effective and innovative learning devices.

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Ines Ben SIdhoum

Learning Boost general director's right-arm

After studying accounting and corporate finance, Ines is now interested in the world of entrepreneurship by pursuing her Master’s degree in Management at University of Paris. Her project to promote North African ancestral languages led her to join Learning Boost to discover the daily life of a developing startup.

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Maria Parada

Graphist designer

Passionate about design and art, Maria started her career as a graphic designer in Colombia. After that, she had the opportunity to pursue her studies in France with a professional Bachelor’s degree in communication and design. Maria joined the Learn Assembly team as a graphic designer to develop her skills in the learning area.

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Enzo Rodrigues

Account Manager

After a culinary arts and entrepreneurship Bachelor’s degree, Enzo developed his professional experience as a chef in restaurant industry. Then, he completed his academic career with a Master’s degree in Sales Management and Business Development. He joined Learning Boost to develop the activity and increase its visibility.

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Karl Rouzé

Digital learning manager

After graduating from a master degree in Industrial Engineering, Karl worked 3 years in the food industry in Chicago in positions related to decision making and planification then in the consulting world on organizational and operational excellence issues for various industries.
Convinced by the fact that prosperity and fulfillment are born from diversity, he wants to conceive systems and environment allowing the emergence of everyone’s potential and insert learning within the strategy and culture of all corporations.
Karl continues to learn and is getting trained in digital pedagogy at the Bahut while learning from his peers at Learn Assembly.


Alexandra Lange – Board Learn Assembly

Alexandra Lange

HR Development Director at AG2R La Mondiale
Christophe Clemente – Board Learn Assembly

Christophe Clemente

President Soda Ash and Derivatives at Solvay
Sophie Rosier – Board Learn Assembly

Sophie Rosier

Head of People Transformation at Nanobiotix
Arnaud Cantet – Board Learn Assembly

Arnaud Cantet

Founder of YouRISE
Manuel Lange – Board Learn Assembly

Manuel Lange

Arantxa Balson – Board Learn Assembly

Arantxa Balson

Co-Founder & CEO of in4impact Consulting & Services
Gilles Babinet

Gilles Babinet

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