Saham Finances

Saham Finances (finance and insurance industries) requested Learn Assembly’s help to build the company’s digital learning strategy. The project won the MOOC of the Year award in 2018, in the “Best company MOOC” category. Emmanuel Brulé, Deputy General Manager, tells you more about this project.

Galeries Lafayette

Learn Assembly designed a blended learning program on digital learning and learning innovation for the teams at Galeries Lafayette (retail industry). In addition to designing the program, we produced learning videos and facilitated communities. Isabelle Boisard, former Learning Director at Galeries Lafayette, testifies.


Axa (leader in the insurance industry) chose Learn Assembly to design a digital acculturation learning program: “Do you speak digital?”. You can find all the details of this mission in the article below.


Saint-Gobain (leader in sustainable construction) requested Learn Assembly’s help to digitally adapt their Unicampus program. Joana Alberto, Saint-Gobain University Deputy Director, talks about our collaboration.

Nestlé France

Learn Assembly designed a digital acculturation MOOC for Nestlé (food industry leader) in order to accelerate the company’s digital transformation. Samuel Baroukh, CMO at Nestlé France, testifies.