Our digital learning programs to transform individuals and organizations

At Learn Assembly, we are experts in digital learning.

Our learning teams have designed these programs that are both flexible and modular. We implement them within our clients’ companies to develop the skills of their learning teams. For each program, the individual and personalized coaching option is available.

Our programs

The Learn Assembly learning experts facilitate the programs.

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Digital Learning Manager – Certification Program

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Our facilitators

These programs are facilitated by Learn Assembly learning experts.

We have helped +200 organizations


All of our learning programs start with a Learning Boost self-assessment survey to better adapt the contents to your teams’ needs. We also send this survey a few months after the program to measure its impact and analyze the learners’ progresses.

Also, read our survival kits, published in March 2020 to help organizations and employees adapt their posture during the COVID-19 lockdown.